Meltique Australian Beef Ribeye

Meltique Australian Beef Ribeye

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Origin: Australia

Cutting: Ribeye

Storage: Frozen

Weigh per pcs: Aprox 230gm/slice



Hokubee's method perfects the traditional French "larding" process and applies it successfully to a range of frozen beef products. Defects are removed, and fat and silver skin are trimmed to a specified requirement. The process ensures that all the juices are retained so the full flavour profile of the beef is consistently delivered. The highest standards of hygiene and quality assurance are maintained through Hokubee's fully equipped company laboratory.


♡Quality Consistent ♡Always tender and juicy Extremely convenient Zero waste in the kitchen Safety Strict QA system Australia beef ♡HACCP system All products are micro-tested in on-site laboratory, including a test for 0157 e. Coli.

♡Sustainability Contribution to future food supply Efficient use of grass fed beef Sustainable feeding of high quality beef to the world Utilizing beef from grass fed cattle is one of the keys to consistent beef supply in the future. When it comes to eating quality, grass fed beef can be tougher than grain fed, especially the beef derived from aged cattle like cows. By applying "Meltique" method, we enhance the eating quality of that beef, in order to sustainably supply high eating quality beef to the World