Chilled GrassFed Australian Beef Ribeye

Chilled GrassFed Australian Beef Ribeye

Giá thông thường
Giá bán
Giá thông thường
Hết hàng
Đơn giá
Phí vận chuyển được tính khi thanh toán.

Origin: Australia

Weight: 1kg

Packing: 200gm/pc x5

Best for

  • Grilling

*Items is chilled, not frozen

Lean yet succulent.

Breed in Australia where the grass is sweet and the environment is pristine, the idyllic cattle are free to roam the green pastures and forage.

This results in exquisite cuts of well-marbled meat that is known for being juicy sweet, tender and flavourful.

For a most hearty and delicious dinner, sizzle a few of our high-quality and fresh AU Grass Fed